Taste of Avenue 3 Feedback
Thank you for your interest in Taste of Avenue 3! What you witnessed is a multi-day activation intended to encourage people to think differently about NE 3rd Avenue-- to imagine it as more than just a place for cars. The temporary paint and planters will soon be gone or fade, but the long-term initiative called Avenue 3 Miami is just getting started. Visit avenue3miami.org to learn more!

Taste of Avenue 3 was supported by the MDT Quick-Build Program, an ongoing partnership between Street Plans, the County DTPW, and Green Mobility Network to implement citizen and municipality-proposed transportation pilot projects. This project created temporary curb extensions, meaning temporary additional space for pedestrians in the right-of-way. The paint not only makes the distinction between The parklet at Freshealthy will also be the first installation of the new City of Miami Parklet Pilot Program.

Many other partners contributed to the success of Taste of Avenue 3, like the Downtown Development Authority, Unlimited Marketing, Moonlighter Makerspace, Glenda Puente Architect, Downtown Flowers, Celebrate Diversity, and more!

Below, tell us what you thought about the street installation and the Saturday evening community gathering!

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Did the street installation (painted areas and parklet) make you feel safer on the street?
What did you notice about the street when you were there? Were cars driving more slowly, yielding more to pedestrians, were there more people out and about, etc.?
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What could you see yourself doing on this street, if the installation were to remain?
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If more streets were like this, do you think you would visit them more and patronize the businesses?
Do you think Downtown Miami needs more spaces like this for pedestrians?
What do you think would help Downtown feel more lively, safe, and like a welcoming place for people?
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What other types of installations would you want to see in the future?
If you attended the Saturday evening community event, what were your favorite parts, and what do you think could be improved upon for next time?
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Tell us what else you'd like to do on Avenue 3 (eg. more food events, historic walking tours, block parties, etc.)!
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