Registration for PWF Practical Programming Course: Deadline 26th October 2018
Registration form for the Physics Without Frontiers practical programming course.
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This is an intensive course in programming. All registered students must participate in all lectures, Monday - Friday for the two weeks.

Universidad del Valle, 18 Avenida 11-95, Ciudad de Guatemala 01015, Guatemala
Monday 26th November – Friday 7th December 9am - 5pm

The 10 day course, in English, will enable students to write practical programs using Python, that are immediately useful to their education and research. Students will also learn how to extend their abilities through freely available documentation, and encouraged to learn other programming languages, computing concepts and existing frameworks on their own. The course is divided into two modules, first a teaching block with lectures and hands-on sessions that introduces the students to programming concepts using Python 3. The second module consists of a programming contest in which the students form teams that compete in solving problems.

No prior programming experience is required to attend the course. At the same time the students with prior programming experience will benefit from a deeper understanding of relevant concepts and best practices. The questionnaire below is only for our information to help us adapting the course to the audience.

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