Water Baptism and Church Membership Application Form受洗和教会会员申请表
We believe all Christians should follow the Lord in water baptism. It is also biblical to commit yourself to the vision of a local church through church membership.

1. Pre-requisites for water baptism and church membership
a. New Beginnings
This is a nurturing material conducted in our carecells. To locate a carecell nearest to your home, please email: admin@risen.sg
b. Welcome To Risen Christian Assembly
This course is conducted by GROW (God’s Revelation of His Word).

2. For transfer of church membership, the above pre-requisites also apply.
In addition:

a. Please write to your former church indicating your intention to transfer your membership to Risen Christian Assembly. Submit a copy of the transfer letter/email with this application.
b. If you were baptized by immersion, please attach a copy of your water baptism certificate.

3. 3 Steps in preparing your testimony – water baptism and church membership
• Before I became a Christian.
• How I became a Christian.
• After I became a Christian.
Candidates to note:
a. Please prepare a one-minute testimony of how you received Christ. Your testimony should not exceed 150 words.
b. Submit it together with the application form.
c. If you are uncertain on what to include in the testimony, please check with your Pastor.

4. Meeting with District / Zone Pastor

After completing items 1a and 1b, submit your application form for water baptism and church membership at the Information Counter. Your district/zone pastor will make an appointment with you prior to your water baptism.

Your application is subject to your pastor’s approval.


1. 申请洗礼和成为教会会员的先决条件:
a. 《新的开始》
《新的开始》是小组的栽培教材。要联络最靠近你住所的小组,你可以电邮至 admin@risen.sg
b. 《欢迎您加入力胜堂》课程
这课程是由GROW 举办.
2. 若你是申请转换教会会员证,你除了要符合以上的条件之外,还必须:

c. 以书信方式通知你之前所属的教会你要转换教会的意愿,要求将会员证转换至力胜堂,并且在呈交此表格时,附上此信/电邮的复本。
d. 如果你是受过浸洗的,请在呈交此表格时,附上你的洗礼证书。

3. 简易三步骤来预备你的见证----受洗和教会会员申请
• 我未成为基督徒前。
• 我如何成为基督徒。
• 我成为基督徒后。
d. 请预备你的如何接受耶稣的见证,分享时间不超过一分钟,见证字数不超过150个字。
e. 请把见证与申请表格一起呈交。
f. 若你不清楚该如何写见证,请向你的牧师查询。

4. 与你的区牧师面谈
请在你完成以上 1a,1b两个项目后,将填妥的表格呈交到二楼询问柜台。你的区牧师会在洗礼典礼前安排与你面谈。

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