Women Business Incubation Centre
Women Business Incubation Centre (WBIC) initiative of RCCI is one of the unique opportunities of its kind by providing professional facilities for women entrepreneurs of this Rawalpindi region.
Department Goals & Approach:-

The basic goal of WBIC is to provide improved business enabling environment to the women entrepreneurs. Also to boost their capacity to access regional markets. The department will be helpful to provide sustainable development in economic activities of businesses of women entrepreneurs. It will promote the creation and strengthening of new businesses, businesswomen and related industries. Self-employment opportunities will also be fostered for the women.
Department is efficiently supervised by Ms. Mariya Razzaq (Head of Department ) along with the assistance of Ms. Amina Jehangir (WBIC Trainee Officer) , Ms. Komal Waseem (WBIC Trainee Officer) and Ms. Mariam Rehan (WBIC Trainee Officer)

Objectives of WBIC:-

 To organize Seminars & workshops related to business development.
 To promote general well being of women among business community.
 To develop self confidence & self esteem of women.
 To create awareness about importance of women in business.
 To create social awareness about the problems of women in business and in particular regarding gender discrimination.
 To guide about basic women rights and women welfare laws
To elaborate women’s role in society

Services at WBIC:-
 Infrastructural Facilities.
 Access to professional services of experts and consultants in areas like, marketing, finance, accounting, product development, Legislative and others as requested by WBIC members.
 Business to Business linkups and business match-making desk.
 Customized research facility.

Activities at WBIC:-
 Need based Seminars and workshops/ Training courses etc.
 Product display /exhibition Hall.
 Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps in Women College and universities.
 Women’s Foreign Delegations.
 Seminars on basic Women’s rights.
 Leadership capacity building.

Facilities include:-

 Furnished Office in RCCI
 Mentorship and trainings
 Government offices visit
 Foreign delegation
 Conference and meeting rooms
 Exhibitions

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