Driver Application Form (Limited Release)

Before you begin, please review the following:

At this time, iCarpool is in a limited release stage and only available in select areas and for select employers.

If you would like to know if your area/employer is currently supported, send us an email at

Follow these steps:
- Make sure you download the iCarpool mobile app and sign up. Set your profile image and employer. These steps must be completed before applying.
iPhone App -
Android App -

Note - We will ask these documents when we process your application.
– Your state DMV record
– Two pictures of your car (preferably one front and one side view)
Not Accepting New Applications At This Time
iCarpool is in a limited pilot stage. At this time, we are not accepting new driver applications.
Have you downloaded the iCarpool app and set your profile image and employer in the app? *
You must download the iCarpool app and sign up.  We also need you to set your profile image and employer in the app. Once these steps are complete, you can submit your driver application.
Are you currently employed / attending college and do you have a commute? *
You must have a current email address with the organization.
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I agree that the information provided here is true to the best of my knowledge. I consent iCarpool may use this information to run background checks and criminal record checks. I also agree to the of this service.I understand iCarpool does not provide insurance coverage. I understand it is my responsibility to maintain valid insurance coverage that will be in effect at all times when I use iCarpool. *
Use of the iCarpool app and service is conditional to your acceptance of the terms.
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