Firefly Sanctuary Volunteer Registration 2018
Please fill out this form to volunteer for Firefly Sanctuary 2018. We will let you know when you can sign up to take a Training and when Shift Sign Ups are open. Thanks! Please email any questions to
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Please provide us your username in the Firefly Volunteer System so we can give you appropriate permissions and access to the Shift Sign Ups.
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Radio Handle
Please select a handle to use for 2018. We use unique radio handles to distinguish one another over the radio. This way someone that you do not know can distinguish one Tom from another Tom without being face to face. 2-3 syllables, no sexual/swears or anything not allowed by FCC rules. We discourage the use of your given name because these are also used when logging information. So that your given name is not in the log for confidentiality purposes.
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I am interested in volunteering for:
Sanctuary has been re-organized this year. Shorter 4 hours Support shifts. Shorter 6 hour Supervisor shifts. New SS12 on call shifts. And the Lead position has been broken down into 3 distinct roles. Descriptions of all volunteer positions can be found here.
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Please tell us a little about your experience with helping people in emotional crisis.
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