4YOU2 Change - Application 2016.2
Dear Applicant,

This is the first phase of 4YOU2 Change 2017.1 Selection Process. Before completing this application, please read the general information available in our website (www.4you2idiomas.com/change).

Further information about the position will be given in the next phases of the Process.

Please read the form carefully and provide complete and specific responses to all questions. All answers must be written in English.

Thank you and good luck!
4YOU2 Change Team

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Nationality *
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Country and City of current residence *
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If you are already in Brazil and want to be a part of the program, please specify what your current visa type is (refugee, student, permanent, work, etc) and until what date is it valid?
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Email *
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If you have not yet graduated, when is your expected graduation date?
Please check the options of languages that you speak. *
Consider the levels specified below.
Nothing at all
Do you have an international certificate to prove your English level? *
If you answered yes above, please specify which certificate and your score.
Example: TOEFL (Score: 94)
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Have you ever taught language classes before? *
If yes, tell us about your teaching Experience. *
Answering the questions who/what/when/where/why?
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If you had the chance to choose, for which one of the following age groups would you prefer to give classes? *
Attention: we do not guarantee that you are going to give classes only to the selected age group
Have you ever been to Brazil before? *
Are you famliar with the concept of Social Business? *
Have you ever heard about it before? Do you know what it means?
Would you be willing to live with a Brazilian Host Family in the suburbs of São Paulo? *
Do you have enough money to cover the expenses with your flight ticket, health insurance, VISA costs and extra personal expenses to come to Brazil? *
Price of VISA vary according to your country/nationality. Please check the price of the Student/Internship VISA at your Consulate website. And remember, the stipend offer by 4YOU2 covers only basic expenses in Brazil.
Are you ok with working 30 hours per week, from Monday to Saturday? *
Maximum of 26 hours of classes per week; the rest dedicated to prepare them
Are you available from February to June 2017 to participate in the program? *
If you answered 'no' to the question above, please specify what is your availability
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Where did you hear about this opportunity? *
Please, specify in more detail where you found this opportunity *
E.g: "Facebook group 'English Teachers''
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Short Essay 1 *
Why should you be selected as a Change Participant? (70 to 130 words)
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Short Essay 2 *
How do you think learning English can change the life of people living in underprivileged areas in São Paulo - Brazil? (70 to 130 words)
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