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Hello Cikgus!

Thank you for your interest in 100% Project. We are excited to help you fund your amazing classroom projects.

Kindly fill out this form to be considered for our next fundraising cycle (in Bahasa Melayu or English). However, please ensure you have read our terms on our Help page, under 'Project Owners': http://bit.ly/100pphelp

We will get in touch with you with next steps. If you have any questions, please contact us at projects@100percentproject.org

Note: You can answer in point form, but please be as descriptive as possible to ensure higher chances of being shortlisted.

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1. Issue(s) or problem(s) affecting your students in your classroom/school/community *
Look at your surroundings closely. Your class, school and community. Write about what is the problem/issue, how does it affect your students, why it is important that this problem is solved and how many students will be impacted. Remember, describe as best as you can about the problem/issue(s), not the solution.
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2. Your proposed solution, the project or initiative *
Describe your project. What are you going to do, how are you going to do it, who will be involved, and how would the final execution look like? Describe as best you can about about the project, and allow funders to visualise the final execution.
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3. What has the school done about the issue? *
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4.How much funding will you be getting from the relevant school panitia for your project? Why? *
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5. Who are your beneficiaries and how many will be impacted? *
Please include (1) number of students, (2) the Standard/Form they're in (if relevant), (3) background of students (if relevant)
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6. What is the outcome of this project? *
What are the goals for this project? What do you hope your students will take away from your proposed project? How do you plan to have your students reflect on their experience once the project is completed? Please be clear of what you are trying to achieve from this project - i.e. increased in motivation, grades, etc.
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7. Are there any risks in your project? How do you plan to mitigate them? *
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B. Funding related questions
5. Please provide the estimated funding required to execute project *
If you have detailed cost breakdowns, please provide them. (Item, Unit Price, Quantity, Total, Remarks (such as why you need this item)).
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6. Please provide the estimated timeline to begin and complete your project *
You may break this down into milestones if your project will take longer than 2 month to execute
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7. How much do you think you can raise from your friends, family, and the community you serve to this project? *
C. Impact
Post-Project Report: Do you agree to complete a post-project report and submit it to 100% Project no later than 4-weeks after the project concludes? *
Following the completion of your project, we ask that you complete a post-project report reflecting on project. Was the outcome what you expected? Did you meet your goals? What surprised you?
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