Cal Poly Homecoming 2017, November 2-5
Please RSVP ASAP for Homecoming if there is any chance of your attendance. The Mustang band will be bigger this year AND they will have *less* space in the stands. Also, instruments are always difficult to find, so we need to provide a count EARLY. Even if you are a "maybe or probably" then please RSVP anyway because we want to have enough space and instruments for everyone to participate.
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What is Your Email Address?
Just to be used for Homecoming information unless you want to be added to the mailing list.
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Emails will be sent only about once a month.
How will you participate in Homecoming?
Have you attended Homecoming before as a member of the Alumni Band?
If you are playing, do you need an instrument and/or music folder?
What instrument will you be playing?
Please select from the choices below OR send me an email to add an instrument.
If you need music, what Instrument and part?
Please type N/A if you're not playing.
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How would you like to pay the requested $15 donation (Covers food at SLO Brewing Company Lunch Meeting)?
Do you own the required T-Shirt Alumni Band Uniform?
What is your T-Shirt size (New $10 "uniform" T-Shirt will be required for Stands, Field, Marching)?
Sizes larger than XL may cost extra
How many game tickets would you like for the game [You do not need a ticket for yourself if you are participating in the stands]?
Please let us know if you are bringing friends/family and how many companion tickets you would be looking for at the game. We are trying to get a spot next to the band for friends/family. You do not need a ticket for yourself if you are participating in the stands. Up to 3 tickets will be covered by the alumni band, so if you need more than 3 tickets, you will have to pay $8 for each additional ticket. Children under 3 years old are not required to have a ticket.
Which dining events are you planning on attending?
Check All That Apply - We need numbers for amount of seats
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