Tarot Reading Feedback
I'm glad I got the chance to read for you. If you take the time to answer the questions you can it helps me grow and improve as a reader.
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Name (the name you gave me to read for)
What was your first impression of the reading?
How did the reading make you feel? Did you connect with the words I used and/or the content?
What did I get right or wrong? What parts of the reading resonated with you, and how?
Did the level of detail work for you?
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Did you follow/understand the way I interpreted the cards (how reached the meaning I connected to you/your situation)?
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Did that make a difference for you in terms of how "good" or effective the reading was for you?
Is there anything else you'd like me to know about your experience?
May I use your comments in my promotional materials (website, social media, fliers)?
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If I may quote you, what name + location may I use? (For example, 'Jason, San Dia, NM.' or 'K.R. from Wales.')
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