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Multicultural Academy Staff, please take this survey to help improve our school!
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Q6: Our school's purpose statement is clearly focused on student success. *
Q7: Our school's purpose statement is based on shared values and beliefs that guide decision-making. *
Q8: Our school's leaders support an innovative and collaborative culture. *
Q9: Our school's leaders expect staff members to hold all students to high academic standards. *
Q10: Our school's leaders hold all staff members accountable for student learning. *
Q11: Our school's leaders ensure all staff members use supervisory feedback to improve student learning. *
Q12: In our school, related learning support services are provided for all students based on their needs. *
Q13: All teachers in our school participate in collaborative learning communities that meet both informally and formally across grade levels and content areas. *
Q14: All teachers in our school use consistent common grading and reporting policies across grade levels and courses based on clearly defined criteria. *
Q15:  All teachers in our school use multiple types of assessments to modify instruction and to revise the curriculum. *
Q16:  All teachers in our school provide students with specific and timely feedback about their learning. *
Q17:  All teachers in our school use a process to inform students of their learning expectations and standards of performance. *
Q18: Our school provides sufficient material resources to meet student needs. *
Q19.  Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them. *
Q20: Our school maintains facilities that support student learning. *
Q21: Our school maintains facilities that contribute to a safe environment. *
Q22: Our school uses multiple assessment measures to determine student learning and school performance. *
Q23: Our school employees consistent assessment measures across classrooms and courses. *
Q24:  Our school uses data to monitor student readiness and success at the next level. *
Q25: Our school leaders monitor data related to student achievement. *
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