Penta Kilo Charity Run 2018 Registration
📢📢📢 Online Walk-in Registration - Penta Kilo Charity Run FKA 2018 for just RM20.00!

If you missed the pre-online registration, you will still be able to purchase a walk-in registration at the running event. You will have to pay by cash. There will be a short form to be filled online or at the event. No photo ID will be required.

Walk in registration
Date: 21 July 2018
Time: Before 6:45 a.m.
Venue: Padang Kawad UiTM Shah Alam

Cost : RM20.00
1. 50% donation goes to charity (Syria Relief Fund)
2. 50% operation + two water station

IMPORTANT NOTES: Trophy, Bibs, T-Shirts, Medals and Sling Bag are for Pre-Online Registered Participants ONLY.

Event Poster
These entitlements are included in all packages.
Sling bag
1. For any runners who has registered for a category, cannot win other category.
2. For any runner under 18 years old is considered to have permission from parents.
3. First 50 registration will get a free gift.
4. For 3 persons only.
5. For 2 persons and 1 children only, which will not be entitled for winner prize.
6. COT for 5km and 10 km are 3 hours only.
The route is entirely inside the UiTM Shah Alam campus which spans over 5.90 km. The run will start and ends at the Padang Kawad UiTM as a closed loop. For 10 km category runner, they are needed to finish 2 loops.
Each water station provides isotonic and drinking water.
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