Our Lady of Mercy Religious Education Survey | A First Step in Renewing Our Commitment in Making Young Disciples!
Faith formation has undergone significant cultural shifts from within the Church. My parents were raised in a Church where their religious education provided answers to faith questions they were not necessarily asking or understood. Their learning process was strictly catechetical (Q&A) and there was no exploration of the Gospel--no engagement with the sacred texts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. With no Gospel, no encounter, and with no encounter, God remained for many, a distant judge to be feared.

Following the second Vatican Council of Bishops in the mid-1960’s, a vision of the primacy of Christ was given as a corrective to the solely catechetical approach to religious education. Although this vision was embraced, this necessary shift gave rise to another great challenge. At that time, there were no developed models of faith education to meet the Bishops’ vision, that is a strong faith rooted in one’s ongoing encounter of Jesus and knowing Him as friend. As a result, the religious education pendulum swung from the far left (of being solely catechetical), to the far right--focused solely on one’s experience of Jesus. Neither model of religious education has served the main purpose of R.E.: to “go make disciples” (Matthew 28:19).

Today, we are living in an exciting and challenging time of the Church because the “R.E. pendulum” has slowly been moving to the middle. Religious Education for children can be a place of making disciples if we begin with facilitating encounters of Christ through the Gospel narratives and connect the person and message of Christ with what the Church believes and teaches, that is, the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The fruit of holding these two treasures together for our children is bringing them into a life of discipleship- the promise you claimed for them at their baptism.

Together, we can support one another on our journey of discipleship as we intentionally shape the children’s R.E. experience into a culture of making disciples. As we begin the process of renewing our commitment in creating a culture of discipleship, your input is much needed and appreciated on three topics: Communication, Scheduling, and Community Building.

Please complete the survey by March 26th. By mid-April, we will provide dates and times for coming together to meet and share your responses and possible outcomes for R.E. in September of 2019. Thank you!!!

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