healing sessions w/xochitlcoatl
welcome to one-on-one healing sessions w/xochitlcoatl! this is how i began my practice many moons ago. i come back to one-on-one sessions over and over, because i felt i heal as you heal, when we heal, i remember that we are gonna be alright. let's connect! i will be offering one-on-one sessions 2-3x a month ONLY! new dates will be posted on instagram + in my monthly mailing letter first!

one-on-one sessions being offered:
during this session, we will call on the spirits + physical plants to support your connection with a specific imbalance. we will meditate to the imbalance, practice ways to be embodied while healing + leave with recommendations on which plant ancestors to work with moving forward to spiritually + physically support your healing ways.

flower essence
during this session, we work intimately with the spirit of flowers to heal deep wounds + connect with the expansive medicine of flowers. they will be our guides as we explore the wounds that keep us from ancestorfesting as our liberated self. we will meditate with + leave with recommendations of flower spirits to invite to your healing ways. flower essences are available for shipping at a minimal cost.

during this session, we will call on spirit in the form of ancestor messages, visioning, dream interpretation + divination through the use of tarot + ancestor tools to best support you with the guidance you are seeking. spirit guides my hand in each tool + together we work on receiving the messages that our necessary to call in what ever it is we are needing.

corn reading
during this session, we will call on the medicine of the corn to support you with the guidance you are seeking. corn medicine is ancient. somos la gente del maíz/we are the people of the corn. they come in all of our colors, sizes + expression. with them they carry deep ancestor messages that help us have clarity on our purpose, a specific situation, and guidance on what is needed to brighter fertile futures.

limpía [only available in person]
​la limpía is a clearing + energy balancing ceremony. our mesoamerican spiritual cleansing focuses on bringing you to grab your imbalances by the root. we will come to them, bearing witness to the shadows that lurk behind what keeps us blocked.
sacred herbs + medicine tools support our ceremony. particularly powerful during a life’s transition + for those experiencing trauma.

if you are looking for recommendation on working with plants, deepening with ancestor, ways to build ritual into your life + any topic of interest, i am here for it!
30 min sessions are donation based. via insurance we offer talk therapists $150+ per 60 min session, be generous if you can.

one-on-one healing seesions
30 min: $45-65
60 min: $75-100
financial contributions/payments are due due before our session
all payments + contributions can be made to paypal.com using seedrootandbloom@gmail.com, Venmo @seedrootandbloom, Zelle using seedrootandbloom@gmail.com OR cash

name [as appears in this form], session name, duration, date

if you are a white accomplices, wanna have your healing be an act of reparations? pay it forward! when you pay for your session pay/or contribute to the session of a bipoc person. let us know in your payment notes.

note: that more time slots be added + they will be removed as they are filled.

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