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Some questions to help you answer this section: What are you known best for? What distinguishes you from other experts in your field? What successes have you enjoyed in business? Do you have any awards or accolades, endorsements etc? This will help us position you as a credible expert and motivate people to join the #successhour to learn from you.
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The specific area of expertise you wish to focus on as a guest Expert on #SuccessHour, bearing in mind the participants of #SuccessHour are business owners, entrepreneurs, start ups, SMEs and growing businesses. It's recommended that you choose a topic which rests at a natural segway between your strongest expertise (that which you wish to market) and how your expertise can support the needs of business owners (Help them grow their business, reduce costs, mitigate risk, develop innovation, gain a competitive edge, enter new markets, protect their assets, increase productivity etc etc).
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You'll need to be available and online from 8.45pm (so Claire doesn't have a heart attack if you're not online in time!), and be prepared to still be tweeting after 9pm if there is a large number of responses to your tweets. Please enter any dates in the next few months when you're available at these times, please give us 3-4 options if you can, so that it's easier to schedule.
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Please enter the url of your twitter accounts, eg: www.twitter.com/ClaireBoyles and if you have a business account, include it, eg: www.twitter.com/_SuccessMatters. Whilst we will primarily tweet your account, we will also mention your business account a few times too.
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As an expert, do you often get asked the same questions on your topic? Do you have great questions we can ask you to stimulate discussion on your topic? We will have 10 questions in each #successhour which the expert can answer, we will use the format Q1 A1 etc so that people know if your tweet is the Answer to Question 1. You will have the questions ahead of the time, and we will include as many of your own suggestions as possible.
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If you have any other online accounts (Facebook, Linked In, G+, instagram) please enter them here, we'll do our best to tweet about them so that people can connect with you on other platforms too, if they wish. Please enter them as links/url eg: www.instagram.com/ClaireBoyles Remember we do have an active Fb group, so please do join us there for more exposure and opportunity to position yourself as the expert that you are: www.facebook.com/groups/SuccessHour
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Fun Facts About You!
We'd like to tweet a few #Funfacts about you, interesting things you've achieved, fun things you've done, interesting anecdotes. Previous fun facts have included things such as "Has run 4 marathons in 4 months" "has over 196,000 followers on twitter!" "Learned how to swim when she was 45!" "Holds a Guinness World Record" "Has three Blue Peter Badges" "Starred in a west end production when they were only 8"
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