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The adopter, as of 24th may 2015 donates, in concept of adoption rate, the amount of €280 for dogs of less of 15kg of weight and €300 for dogs of more than 15 kg of weight, for the expenses listed above.  By doing so, you collaborate with the continuity of the work of SOS FRENCHIE. Do you agree to help your chubby? *
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How many square meters does your house have? *
How many people live in the house? *
Provide detail information on the number of children and they ages
Are you all convinced about adopting a dog? *
If you live with your parents, what would happen once you become independent? *
Are you currently employed? *
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What do you do on your free time? (Hobbies) *
What are your thoughts on sterilizing dogs in general? *
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What character would you like your dog to have? (Quiet, affectionate, active, independent, and courageous…). *
 How many hours will the dog stay inside the house? *
Is there any room in which the animal will not be able to enter?  Which one? *
Where will the animal sleep? *
What would you do if the dog jumps on the couch? *
What would you do with you dog during vacation? *
When will you take out the dog?  How many times a day? *
Do you have any other animals in the house?  If so, please describe them. *
Did you have a dog before?  If so, tell us about them (Age, type, sex, hair,size …) *
SOS Frenchie cannot report on the state of health of the adopted dog.  It can only inform on the care taken and the actions needed to continue with any veterinary care.  Do you agree? *
We follow up on every adoption.   Are you willing to receive any visits through and after the adoption process? *
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