Letter of Recommendation
Before you fill out this form, visit your counselor to get your Naviance account squared away, then stop by to see me. It's always much more helpful and pleasant to meet with you in person--especially for something as important as a letter of recommendation. Also, please note that only after we've met and this form is complete, the earliest you will receive your letter is in 30 days; if you need a letter before then, please do not ask me. Composing a thoughtful and personalized letter of recommendation takes time.

Be sure to fill out this form thoughtfully and completely. As any portion left incomplete will stall, and potentially prevent your letter from being written.

SPECIAL NOTE: Do not request more letters than you actually need. Most programs only ask for two (maybe three) LOR. These letters take a lot of time, and to ask three or four (or more) different teachers to write letters "just in case" is bad, bad form. Logging on to Naviance and seeing three other letters already uploaded, after I've spent two hours writing your essay takes all the fun out of this process, not to mention frustrating your former English teacher. So please, HEED THIS WARNING.
Full Name *
Email Address (IMPORTANT: please use the same email address you provided Naviance). *
If you are not using Naviance simply provide the email address you regularly use.
What type of letter of recommendation are you requesting? *
College, work related, Governor's School, scholarship, etc.
What program/institution/college(s) are you applying to? *
For instance, if this is a college letter of recommendation, please list all of the schools to which you are applying.
What exact date is the application deadline? *
Must be at least 30 days from today's date.
What grade did you earn with me? *
What is your current G.P.A.? *
You can locate this on your transcript through Genesis or by asking your counselor.
Please explain why you are asking me to write your letter of recommendation. *
"Because you're an English teacher and can write" or any similar response is unacceptable, but thanks for the compliment.
What kind of a student were you while you were enrolled in my class(es)? How hard did you work? What did you learn from your experience with me? Please explain. *
Please discuss at least two memorable assignments that you completed in my class and explain why they were memorable. *
Please detail all of your extracurricular activites, both in school and out. *
This is very important. Be very specific about how many weeks/months/years you were/are enrolled in each activity. Please also detail in what specific capacity you served in each activity, sport, club, job, etc. Also, if any club listed is not necessarily a common one, please describe the club's purpose and activities.
Are you (or are you planning on) waiving the right to view this letter? *
Select "yes" if you waived your right. Technically I won't be permitted to let you see your letter in this case. You may want to talk to your counselor about the pros and cons of this choice. Click on the following link for more information: https://appsupport.commonapp.org/link/portal/33011/33013/Article/92/What-is-the-FERPA-Waiver
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