MAK GSP Rescue Application
We adopt to individuals and families in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. If you live outside of those states, your application will be automatically forwarded to your regional rescue.  

Please complete the application in full and be willing to provide two (2) personal references and a veterinary reference. Please allow up to 48 (business) hours for us to process your application.  Please only fill this form out once. Thank you for your interest in adopting or fostering a GSP.  We're so glad you are here!
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If you rent, does your landlord allow pets?  Can you provide a copy of your lease? *
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Please list your veterinarian's Clinic Name, Phone Number, City, and State.  We will use this information for a vet reference.  If you do not own any pets, please list the information for the clinic you plan to use: *
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Where are these animals now? *
Tell us about your experience with the GSP breed: *
How will you handle your pet's exercise needs? *
How many hours will your pet be alone each day? *
How will you handle behavior issues?  How will you reprimand your pet? *
Where will your pet sleep at night? *
When no one is at home, where will your pet be? *
Where will your pet spend most of its time? *
Do you hunt?  If you are a hunting home, if the dog does not hunt, will it be a reason for you to return the dog to MAK GSP Rescue? *
If you adopt a dog under a year of age, do you agree to complete formal obedience classes with your new pet? *
Please mark any/all circumstances that would cause you to return the dog to rescue: *
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