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Thank you for your interest in a KAREfarm retreat, located on WhiteTail Ridge Farm in Brooksville, KY.

Our Mission: To provide a healing space in nature for those experiencing loss.

Our retreats are led by grief support leaders, who have experienced grief as well. Each retreat includes sacred stories, workshops to process grief, individual time, and small group discussions designed to promote healing on your grief journey.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form so that we might better serve you!
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Please share a brief summary about your loss. (We know this really is a hard part of the process, but we would like to ensure you are assigned to the retreat that could best support your journey.) Please include who you lost, the date of their passing, and any other information about your story that you think would be important (including any significant life events since your loved one's passing). *
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I understand that as a guest of a KAREfarm retreat, retreat leaders are not trained counseling professionals, and that the sole purpose of attending this retreat is to simply find community and support in this grief journey in nature. I give my consent for use of any photographs taken during retreat activities. *
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