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Thank you for showing interest in joining ThinkingBuddies and making the most of your J-term course! Please view the following before completing this form.

1) By participating in this project, you will be taking part in a project funded by the Fund For Innovation. Each group will receive up to $50 in funds over the course of the term, and you will be invited to the end of J-term event for ThinkingBuddies groups from all classes.
2) By filling out this form, you will be affirming that you will be approaching this project with the mindset of community-building. While studying/peer review is certainly an aspect of this project, it is also important that students know that it is also for engaging others.
3) The Team-building session will last 1-1.5 hours during an indicated mealtime. Please come to this session if you wish to be part of the study group.
3) ThinkingBuddies is meant to be a comfortable space. If any discussion or question makes you uncomfortable, please let your facilitator know and they will divert the topic of conversation
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