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So glad you found our program!  Now in our 9th year, we offer cool and collaborative math, science, engineering and technology classes - as well as fun electives, humanities and fitness classes - for middle and high school homeschoolers.

The best way to learn about our program is to come for a shadow day.  You can use our course schedule to find classes that you are most interested in seeing.  The best day for middle schoolers is Wednesday, while either Tue or Thur is good for high schoolers.  

Once you know which day you are most interested in visiting, just let us know when to expect you (drop us an email at and complete this form so we have contact information and a liability release.  Then pack a lunch and water bottle and join us for a class, half a day or a whole day.  Our classes meet between 10-3, with an hour for lunch, noon-1.  Our doors open at 9:30

Cheverly STEM is located in beautiful downtown Cheverly.  Our address is 2801 Cheverly Ave, Cheverly, MD 20785.  Although you can see the large stone building from Cheverly Avenue, you'll have to turn onto Forest Rd to find the entrance to the parking lot.  Once in the parking lot, you'll see the double doors to the building.  Just beyond those doors you'll be greeted by our front desk personnel who can get you started on your day with us.  

Please fill out the form below so we can learn more about you and what you are looking for in a program.  

We look forward to talking and meeting with you soon!  

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Terms and Conditions
To participate in classes at Chv STEM, all students and families must agree to the following terms and conditions.  Below is a summary statement, more details are provided on our website,  Please read the full documents before submitting your registration.

WE ARE NOT A SCHOOL.  Cheverly STEM Education Center is not a school.  We do not provide credits, grades or testing.  We do not have education specialists, counselors or nurses on staff.  We are an enrichment program that supports the academic journey of homeschoolers.  We recognize that parents are the primary educators for all homeschoolers.  

LIABILITY - Cheverly STEM Education Center (including all teachers, directors, parent volunteers and other members of the Cheverly STEM Education Center and the Cheverly United Methodist Church), are free from any and all claims for injuries and loss to any person or property which may arise out of or result from their child(ren)’s participation in this program.

STUDENT CONDUCT - Students must all agree to follow the rules established in the Student Code of Conduct

OPEN LUNCH-HOUR - Students must stay on-campus during the open lunch-hour. Students have minimal supervision during this hour.

PHOTOS - We often photograph students and classroom activities to make them available to parents and the yearbook class, as well as on Facebook, our website and other advertisements.  

LAB SAFETY - Many of our classes use tools and glassware that must be handled properly.  Students must agree to follow all rules monitoring appropriate use and behavior in classroom and lab activities.  

I agree to the terms, conditions, liability waiver and code of conduct of Cheverly STEM summarized above.  I understand that more information is available the website. *
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