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When it comes down to it, why did you REALLY start Mary Kay? *
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What will you use your Mary Kay income towards (be specific as possible... like $100 to student loans, saving for a trip abroad, $200 extra spending cash for shopping or kids, etc. *
If I was talking to someone who knows you really well, what 3 words would she use to describe you? *
What are the 3 most important characteristics you look for in a leader? *
What kind of recognition do you love? *
If you had a weekend where you could do anything you wanted, which is more like you? *
When walking into a meeting with a lot of people you... *
What are you most excited about? (in Mary Kay) *
What scares you the most? *
What are a few of the most dominate questions in your brain right now? *
In what way will your MK business benefit those closest to you? (parents, sig other, kids) And how will your achievement of that goal make them feel? *
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