Inuvik Ski Club Society: SWOT Analysis
Hi there! We are using this form to collect input from the community on the Inuvik Ski Club. A SWOT analysis is a tool to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths of an organization. Here, we want to measure what you believe the ski club can and cannot do, and its potential opportunities and threats.


- This exercise is anonymous, which we hope will encourage you to be open and honest.
- Your answers can be short, point-form, or long.
- Be respectful in your answers. This process is important for making positive changes to the club.
- You can complete this analysis more than once. If you forget something, just go through the form again and fill-in the missing information and submit.
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What does the future of the Inuvik Ski Club look like?
"People often measure a community's strength by its resiliency...I think we should measure a community's strength by their capacity to welcome people from the edge to the centre...because we need their gifts".   - Cormac Russell
Statistical Information
Helps us to know whether the results of this survey are representative of the population selected (individuals involved in recreation in the Beaufort Delta region).
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