School Safety Traffic Survey
This survey will collect various conditions and caregiver input in issues surrounding schools.This is a trial survey and a bigger survey will be created to identify the traffic issues that schools suffer at arrival and dismissal times. Based on these answers, we will try to identify a chain of command within the NYPD who manage crossing guards and school safety agents, and also with the Department of Education, who have school safety plans. The school safety plans don't include anything traffic related, so we hope to advise them on how to implement better plans. Finally, we will create a reporting system so that data can be collected and results sent to the proper agencies.
How far is school from your home?
How does your child get to school?
Which school does your child attend?
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Where is this school located?
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By what means have you addressed the complaint
What conditions affect school safety
Are you aware of any injuries at this school? If so, what happened?
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Have you ever been to a school safety meeting?
Would you attend a school safety meeting?
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