Mongolia Global Focus Trip: Team Application
Thank you for your interest in joining a Global Experience Trip to Mongolia from September 30 - October 11, 2019! Please read the details in this form carefully and fill in all sections of the application. When we receive your application, it will be reviewed by our Global Focus Committee and if selected, a $200 deposit (non-refundable) will be required to secure your spot on the team. Again, thank you for your interest and heart to serve others!

APPLICATION DEADLINE: AUGUST 15th, 2019 (Please submit this application as early as possible even if you are still completing the required reference documents). The earlier we receive the application, the better! If you have been a part of a team in the past 2 years with, you do not need to fill out the application again - contact Dan directly (


The purpose of this trip will help support Noel Hutchinson (one of our very own global workers) in Mongolia, a country with 90,000 Christians who started with only 5 Christians after Communism fell. You will be a part of a team that helps with kids and families with Life Skills Training as part of our service with the team (i.e. parenting seminar; teaching character & values; helping with curriculum techniques & preparation). You will also have the opportunity to travel with some of the church planters who share the story of Jesus to a nomadic people group. A very unique part of this trip is helping with creating a website and social media plan. Check out the video below from Noel and the Asian Outreach website (a strategic partner of ours).

(1) Noel's video: (copy and paste link into browser).
(2) Asian Outreach Website (Mongolia):


NAME & PASSPORT INFORMATION: Please ensure the name you provide on this application form is the same name and spelling that appears on your passport. A passport is mandatory for participation on an international team. If your passport will expire within 6 months of the departure date of the trip, you will need to get a new passport because the airline will not let you fly if it is within this time period.


OVERSEAS MEDICAL INSURANCE: Comprehensive medical insurance is mandatory for all team members and a copy of the confirmation will be required.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Please indicate all medical conditions that may affect or restrict your activity.

MEDICATIONS: Please list all medications that require a prescription from a doctor and make sure the spelling and dosage are correct.


We ask that you submit two personal references: One from a person you have known for a minimum of two years and a second from a pastor. References should be sent to the Global Focus Pastor by the person who is filling out the reference form (digital copy preferred - email:


Please read the sections carefully and indicate your acceptance of the Team Covenant & Liability Release. Clear communication and defined expectations are important for a positive cross-cultural experience.


If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian read and sign the Parental Consent Form.


TEAM MEMBER DEPOSIT: A $200 deposit (non-refundable) will be required 1-week after team selections are made

Each team member is encouraged to raise his or her portion of the team's expenses, through personal funds or fundraising efforts (The team will also organize fundraising efforts together; the amount raised will help offset the cost of each team member). Tax receipts for donations of $10 or more are available to all donors.

TRIP COST: The estimated cost for each Mongolia team member is $2,500-$2,750 (not including immunizations). This may fluctuate given variables such as, flight costs etc... Any variation in cost will be clearly communicated with the team in writing as soon as possible.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Please review the payment schedule (Please be aware that team fundraising will help to offset the total cost of the trip).

August 15th, 2019: $200 Team Member Deposit - cost covers confirmation for the plane ticket and host fees
August 29th, 2019: $1,500 Plane Ticket Payment - cost covers the remaining owed for team member plane ticket
TBD: $800-$1,050 Final Payment - cost covers remaining amount for team trip expenses


The cost of immunizations are not included in the total trip cost, so if you require immunizations, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website for information on Travel Health and Travel Clinics. Vaccinations can be costly and may need to be administered weeks in advance of your departure date. Your team leader(s) may recommend a travel clinic that offers this service, however you are responsible for completing and submitting proof of immunizations. Some health coverage plans cover the cost of immunizations.

Visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for a list of recommended vaccinations. Proof of your immunization will need to be submitted and verified by team leader(s).


After committing to the team, you are required to attend ALL team meetings. These meetings are essential for planning trip programs/activities & fundraising initiatives, administration, and team bonding.

Your team leader(s) will schedule the best meeting date possible for all team members (weekend meetings tend to be the best times to meet, so please keep this in mind for the months leading up to the trip).

Praying with everyone considering this Global Focus Trip
-Global Focus Committee

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