Voice Collective Professionals Feedback From
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Can you tell us a bit about yourself (so we can make sure we reach a range of young people) Role, Gender, Ethnicity, Borough/Town/Area
What parts of the Voice Collective service have you used?
How did you find out about Voice Collective?
How often do you use Voice Collective?
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How long have you used Voice Collective for?
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What do you find the most helpful about Voice Collective?
What would you like to change about Voice Collective?
After using Voice Collective, how much do you agree with any of the following statements... *
I understand more about hearing voices and seeing visions
I feel more able to support young people who hear voices & they families
I feel more able to talk with young people about voices & visions
I know more coping strategies and ways of dealing with voices & visions
I know more about where to get support for a young person who struggles with difficult voices/visions
I have used some of the Voice Collective information to support a child/family
Agree a bit
Somwhere in the middle
Disagree a bit
Please tell us anything else about your experience at Voice Collective...
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