Parent and Family Engagement Survey 2019-2020
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I feel welcomed and valued when visiting the school. *
Each family's ethnicity and culture are recognized and respected by school staff. *
Parent school activities are planned at different times of the day and week to provide all parents a chance to participate *
School communication with parents is always done in a consistent manner that is available for all parents. *
School communication and information is easy to understand and provided in a language parents can understand. *
Parents are encouraged to communicate to school staff any concerns they may have related to their child's grade/program placement and academic progress. *
Parents are encouraged to help with their child's education by receiving home and community learning activities. *
Parent volunteers are welcomed and appreciated by school staff. *
Parent volunteers are given helpful guidance, suggestions and materials by the school that allow them to best use their skills and talents when volunteering in the schools. *
Parents are included in the decision making process and the annual evaluation of the school's Parental Engagement Plan. *
Are there any other ideas that you have to increase Parental Engagement? *
Please list any barriers that you have encountered that have hindered your participation in Parental Engagement meetings and/or activities. *
How would you rate the education your child is receiving in the Star City School District? *
Pretty Good
What additional programs of study would you like to see in the Star City School District? *
What are your preferred methods of contact by the school district?    Please check all that apply. *
Indicate the school(s) where your child(ren) attend. *
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