Battle 4 Valhalla (B4V)
Valhalla Inn eSports Tournament Registration Form
Battle 4 Valhalla - Valhalla Inn's 1st Annual eSports Tournament
Event Info
Thank you for your interest in attending the Valhalla Inn 1st Annual E-Sports Tournament.

To register, please complete all fields below. Once completed & submitted, we will contact you for payment.

Spectator admission fee is $10.00 for the weekend.

All registered participants will receive a welcome package with goodies value of $75.00+.

Registration Deadline:

All participants will need to register before Monday, August 19th by 4:00pm EST.

Game Selection:

Each participant is required to select a maximum of 3 Tournament games. Tournament entry fee is $65.00. Participants
who reserve a guestroom for the duration of the tournament will receive 50% discount on their entry fee.

Guestroom Rates:

1 person/room is $89.00/night, 2 person/room is $44.50 each/night, 3 person/room is $33.00 each/night & 4 person/room is $24.75 each/night.

Guestrooms are regularly priced $139.00/night. Should participants choose to come in a day early or stay an extra day, we are pleased to offer the same rates.

All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Reminder that should you reserve a guestroom for this event, all guests registered to the room(s) will receive 50% off their entry fee of $65.00.

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Would you like to add VIP event on Saturday August 31st? (+$20.00) *
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If you are reserving a guestroom, please indicate who you will be sharing a guestroom with. Please include the guest(s) first and last name.
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Would you like to add Breakfast (+$10.00/Day); only applicable if you are reserving a guestroom *
The Valhalla Inn network has a firewall however if an additional network is installed because of network requirements, it will be an open network. All equipment will be provided with the exception of controllers (and controller cables). Each participant is required to provide their own controllers. Head sets will be provided. It is also recommended that any participant providing their own equipment and accessories clearly label their items with their full name and telephone number. Valhalla Inn reserves the right to change/eliminate any game based on low participation levels up to 2 weeks prior to the tournament date. Should this occur, those participants will be notified and given the opportunity to select a different game.
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