WRRC 2017- 2018 Collaboration Form
To apply for a WRRC Collaboration request, please fill out this application 3-4 weeks prior to the event date.

Collaboration requests are typically made when a group or organization wishes to work with the WRRC on a project (borrow WRRC materials, receive WRRC input, otherwise get support from the WRRC) These request may or may not involve monetary support. Proposals are considered based on current staff capacity as well as alignment with WRRCs mission.

Collaboration timeline and process:

1) Your application will be reviewed during Friday staff meetings through a team consensus decision-making process. The decision-making and review process typically takes 2-3 weeks after the application has been received. All applications are evaluated based on meeting the WRRC’s mission and vision.

2) You will receive an email notification requesting for more information if the staff is unclear about the program’s goals or if the team has additional questions.

3) If your request is approved, you will be connected to the WRRC’s collaboration coordinator, who will be one of the folxs that will directly support you throughout the collaborative process.

***The WRRC considers the collaboration request to be when an organizations/departments are looking for more support in a collaborative effort to plan and implement a program. The WRRC is able to support UCD organization/departments’ events through financial contribution. If you are requesting funding for your event, please email us at wrrc@davis.edu and we will direct you to the co-sponsorship form.

If your collaboration request involves money transfer you are required to complete the Co-Sponsorship Post- Event assessment form.Please fill out the following link goo.gl/QAPVq9 after your event.

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