Ocrafolk Festival 2020 Artisan Application
Hello friends and artisans! Thanks for your interest in being an artisan in this year’s Ocrafolk Festival! If you have participated in the past as an Ocrafolk artisan, please read the application carefully at www.ocracokealive.org/artisan-application.html as some things have changed. Selections for the artisans will reflect the festival committee’s desire to exhibit quality and variety, in addition to other factors. For a peek at last year’s lineup, visit the festival website at www.ocracokealive.org/artisans.html. Here are the application details.

Hurricane Dorian & the Ocrafolk Festival (all applicants read this section carefully)
On Sept 6, 2019, Ocracoke Village received significant damage from Hurricane Dorian. For this year's Ocrafolk Festival, our usual event locations along School Road and Howard Street will have reconstruction projects underway. Because of this, the 2020 Ocrafolk Festival will be centered around the Berkley Manor property on the harbor near the National Park Service parking lot (this is where the festival original began in 2000).

What does this mean for the artisans?
In the past, because all artisan booths were outside the performance/audience areas, Ocracoke visitors and residents were able to visit booths without having an admission ticket. This year because of the reconfigured space, booths will be within the entertainment areas (requiring patrons to have tickets to the festival to visit you, except for Sunday 8 AM-Noon).

All booths will be able to be set up Friday-Sunday, and load-in and out (and parking) should be much easier since we will be right off of the large National Park Service lot on the harbor. Sunday morning 8 AM -12 noon, all grounds are free and open to everyone for the gospel sing, so everyone will be able to visit you free of charge during that time.

Booth pricing
In the past, we have charged $80 for a single day and $40 for a second day. Acknowledging that this year will be a bit of experiment, we will be charging $100 for the three-day weekend. This fee is for a single 10x10’ spot. An additional spot may be available for an additional fee.
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Number of 10x10 spaces requested. We have few if any double spots. If we have room and you have requested a double, you must pay for both spots. Cost per spot is $100.
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Examples of your work
There are two ways for you to send us pictures of your work. (1) You may email us 1-3 examples of your work to info@ocracokealive.org. If doing so, please make sure the pictures are each no larger than 1 MB. Make sure to include "Ocrafolk Festival Artisan Application Work Samples - YOUR NAME" in the Subject Line. (2) You may send us a link to a webpage where we may view your work.
How are you submitting samples of your work?
My work may be visited at the following weblink . . .
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