2019 Return of the Sun FAQ and Registration
April 26th -28th
Ravensborg Viking Longfort
Knox City, Missouri 63446


Please review this FAQ and description of the event before registering.

There are no costs to attend this event, but donations are welcome to help cover expenses. A donation link is available on the website. An auction is held before feast on Saturday. This auction is the main source of funds used for site maintenance and improvement and allows us to keep these events free. Please be generous with donations and bids.

This is a living history event that traditionally has had members from the major Viking era groups. This is not a LARP, Amtguard, or SCA event. Members of all groups are welcome. For those who are new to reenacting or living history please ask for the kit guide before attending. To attend you must be in acceptable kit.

All NEW attendees will need to attach a photo of yourself in kit as part of the registration. If you plan on participating in the fighting, you will also need to include an additional picture of your fighting kit (as worn). If you do not have pictures, please do not begin the registration process. YOU WILL NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO UPLOAD PHOTOS. We do not suggest using a mobile device for registration.

The site opens on Wednesday, April 23rd and Wednesday and Thursday are planned for site maintenance. You are welcome to register to come early and help work on event set up and site improvements. While kit is not required, labor will be. This is a great way to meet new people and help the event run smoothly.

Our public hours are from 10 to 4 on Saturday only for this event. The rest of the time the site is only open for the reenactors. Food merchants will not be on site. Saturday evening feast is provided, other food may be available for Saturday meals. Due to the primitive nature of the site, we cannot accommodate food allergies or special preparations. If you need special food, please bring it.

Please review the website at the address above for site rules, policies and resources. All event information, changes, and updates will occur on the website. Lack of knowledge of the rules/policies is no exemption from their enforcement. Ravensborg is a private event, held on private land. Failure to abide by the rules will result in being told to leave the event or will not be allowed to attend future events.

Site rule/policy summary:
• No pets or other animals without prior approval.
• Approved animals must be leashed or kenneled outside of your tent
• Camping in designated areas only
• Non-viking age tent camping is available near the parking area
• All modern items should be hidden or removed during the event anywhere outside of parking or non-period camping (including all traders/merchants)
• Firearms are discouraged on the property. If brought, they must remain in a vehicle in a locked area and out of sight.
• Anyone displaying a gun or announcing having a gun on the property will be told to leave the property.
• Cigarettes (traditional and electronic) are to be used outside the fort and away from the gate and port-o-johns. All butts must be removed from the site
• Propane or other compressed gas containers cannot be disposed of on site.
• Ravensborg is a family attended event. Attendees are asked to behave in a respectable, adult manner.

Last but not least, Ravensborg is a political free zone for this event and modern politics are not to be discussed. Let's focus on having fun. If you really need to talk politics pick a period issue. Like Harold's illegitimate claim to the throne.

Welcome to Ravensborg and Welcome to Return of the Sun!

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