2019 Volunteer Form
Do you love the New Garden Growers Market? Did you know that the market is 100% volunteer run? That's right. There are NO paid employees, just folks who love the market and want to keep it going strong. Do you want to help us continue to flourish and grow? Consider volunteering one Saturday a month with us!
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Volunteers are asked to commit one Saturday per month from May to November to the market. Are you able to do this? *
Market volunteer are asked to commit approximately 5.5 hours (from 7:45am-1:15pm) for their assigned Saturday. Are you able to make this commitment? *
Setting up and breaking down the market can be physically demanding. Are you able to life 30~50 lbs? *
Running the market requires tolerance of all kinds of weather - heat, rain, wind, etc. Are you physically able to be outside in these conditions? *
The market cannot run without a market volunteer on site. However, we recognize that life happens and things come up that may mean you need to switch a weekend. If you are unable to cover your assigned day, we will work with you to find coverage, but it is your responsibility to make sure someone can take your spot. Do you agree to this term? *
If you're interested in volunteer, but do not want to be a weekly manager, let us know what you'd like to do and we'll see where we can best use your skills and passions!
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What is your favorite thing about the market?
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