HAZLO Foundation Student Application
The HAZLO Foundation helps students develop life and academic skills through work with mentors on real-world projects that the students propose.

This form is an application to participate as a student in the HAZLO Program. Students in the program work with mentors at supervised sites (schools or Cruces Creatives makerspace), and in response to student applications, the HAZLO Foundation may pay for the material costs of projects and Cruces Creatives memberships for student(s) and mentor(s).

Email address *
Proposed name of project: *
Is the project an individual or group project? *
Student name(s), grade level(s), and group name (if applicable): *
Briefly describe your project. What are you going to do or make, and why are you interested in doing/making it? *
What materials do you think you’ll need to complete the project? *
Name of school project location if identified (optional). If a school project location has been identified, please attach a signed letter of commitment from an authorized representative of that school. If a school project location is not identified, the project will be done at Cruces Creatives.
Signed Letter of Commitment from School Project Location (if applicable)
What do you hope to learn through the project? *
Name of mentor if identified (optional). If no mentor is identified, the HAZLO Foundation will provide a mentor.
At the end of the project, I/we agree to write a report of at least one page describing the project and what I/we learned. *
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