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This form is made for people with press-kits so requires less fill-in. While it looks long, a lot is optional based on your kits. If you have no press-kit fill out the long form:

Crowdfunding form:

Submit your indie game for a chance to get shared. Please note that submission does not guarantee anything and being featured could take a long time.

Also realize that mobile shares are even more rare to be featured unless extra special (you can still try to submit).

P.S. Heavy asset flips, clones, or games with loads of negative reviews will not be added.

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(New "interview" style question): What do you love about your game (in roughly 200 words or less)? Note: if you are a team, only send one collective answer (no names needed). *
Key spot: if leaving key(s) be sure to mention what store they are for. Unused keys (and spares) go nowhere OR will end up in a future giveaway linking to you (never sold). I do giveaways in a couple of places, my twitter (@indiegamelover), Indie World Order twitter (@indieworldorder), or our Indie World Order Discord ( No promises on where they land, nor do I promise even including them in anything. I only promise that I never sell them or do anything sketchy and if you want your best chance for a video please leave at least one (no promises still as I have so many requests & a single video takes hours to create. I wish I could help all of you!).
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