WR0NG Application
This is for players joining any corp in the What Could Possibly Go WR0NG alliance or people that left are returning.  For adding an alt for someone already in alliance please go here https://forms.gle/514khrcQcpVueTrx8
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Your main character's name *
Please list the alts you would like to join with your main *
Please let us know how you found out about us. *
If you are working with a particular recruiter, please let us know who. *
Do you like people? *
Your actual age as a person *
How long have you played eve *
Do you have a working mic and the willingness to use it *
Do you have any religious objections to using discord and teamspeak? *
Are you canadian? *
I have logged into nut at https://nut.wr0ng.space and linked my discord account and my username updated by the system *
I have logged my main and all alts that I have into nut and authorized them in member audit.  Note that ALL characters you own must be included whether or not they are joining the alliance.  Failure to do so can result in delays or possibly a rejection of your application. *
Do you have a corp you were looking to join?  If not please leave blank and we'll work out what corp to get you into. *
We're a bunch of screeching howler monkeys, some of which like to rant about politics and the finer points of their youtube gender studies degree. We promote free speech, but that doesn't include personal attacks. Ideas can be attacked no matter how much personal offense you might take to the attack of that idea. This should not be considered a safe space at all. Are you comfortable joining an environment like this and willing to accept the free speech no personal attack policy? *
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