Nikki Jefford - Penned Con 2019 Paperback Pre-Orders
I am so EXCITED to see you again or meet you for the first time in St. Louis this September! I have a surprise for all you special unicorns. šŸ¦„ Get ready to stand out from the crowd. ;-)

>>> Please note: Anthologies MUST be pre-ordered before the event. These are big collections that I order though the anthology organizers. I will NOT have extras on hand this year. You can pre-pay or reserve a copy to pay at the event. ALSO, this goes for any title that is not book 1 of a series. If you want complete series, make sure to reserve your copies! <<<

šŸ“Ø Invoices will be sent out weekly on pre-pays.

āœļø Your books will be SIGNED & PERSONALIZED to your specifications at the event.

šŸ‘‰ Read more about these titles at

šŸ“§ If at any time you need to CANCEL your order (or have any questions), please PM me on Facebook or email me at


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ATTENTION: More titles coming!
The final Royal Conquest Saga novel, Three Kings, should be available in paperback in time for Penned Con. I will email everyone who pre-orders books with me once I'm sure & have the final page count. You should have an opportunity to pre-order the complete saga.

This goes for Wolf Hollow Shifters book 4, Moon Cursed, as well, which will be complete before Penned. If all the covers and editors come together in time, I'll email to let you know.

Royal Conquest Saga
Wolf Hollow Shifters
Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter (all new covers!)
Spellbound (Mature YA dark fantasy, final book New Adult/College & my personal favorite)
Do you want multiple copies of any of these books? Let me know here which title(s) and how many you would like to purchase TOTAL (including the book you checked).
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