WMC Volunteer Interest Form--updated 10/9/17
WMC is looking for new volunteers to aid in planning the January 20, 2018 March to the Polls and also for the
short and longer term projects beyond the march focused on Education, Resources, and Advocacy. We see many potential volunteer skills needed, and some we may not even know of yet. As we further organize we intend to send out directed opportunities to people within certain areas of interest and skill sets.

We know you may have filled out some of this information below as a march volunteer. Thank you for your patience.

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Section 1: Volunteer Skills
Please indicate the skills you would feel comfortable utilizing in a volunteer capacity.
Section 2 Focus Areas
We have identified the Jan 20, 2018 planning, safety marshals, other event day volunteer roles, plus also five areas of focus for WMC based on conversations with champions, volunteers and following our social media platforms. WMC projects will map into these areas as we support Education, Information, and Advocacy initiatives for women and their allies in Chicago and beyond.Please review the areas and indicate which you would most like to volunteer within (you can choose more than one)
Section 3: Social Justice Causes
We’d like to connect our volunteers to projects and opportunities that reflect their passions. Please indicate the social justice causes you would like to volunteer within (pick your top three). Please write in others as needed.
Section 4: Feedback
Please share any project or program ideas you feel would be a good fit for WMC as we move forward.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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