Dominic O’Brien大师(8次世界记忆力冠军)脑力训练班  Brain Training Summer Camp
想让孩子高效学习,减少焦虑, 高能记忆,事半功倍,学校成绩骄人,轻松踏进梦想大学吗?

好消息, 大受北美学生、家长好评,由翰林教研中心多次邀请的8次世界记忆锦标赛冠军,多项吉尼斯世界纪录获得者,15本世界脑力畅销书作家,英国大师Dominic O‘ Brien今年暑假将重返我们的讲坛,举办六月、七月各一期最强大脑培训课,帮你了解提高脑力的核心概念和基本技能,快速掌握并在大脑中轻松检索与提取超乎常人几倍的信息。无论孩子未来对AI、脑神经、法律、艺术、医学等等哪方面感兴趣,这门脑力训练课都会让他们受益终身。甚至有家长和学生上过还想再上,温故而知新,大师依然欢迎你。

Good news!  Dominic O'Brien, 8-time World Memory Championship champion, multiple Guinness World Record holder, 15 best-selling author on brain training, invited by the Hanlin Institute to hold several training classes and gained highly praise from the students and parents, will come back to train students in North America this summer. He will help you understand the core concepts and basic skills of improving brain power, receiving and retrieving information quickly and accurately. No matter which aspects of AI, cranial nerves, law, art, medicine, etc. the students are interested in, the brain training course will benefit you for a lifetime.

每天两小时,5天共10小时, 外加2小时由翰林脑力战队协助进行的强化训练课。
2 hours per day,  one week from Monday to Friday.  Extra 2 hours intensive training supported by Hanlin Super Power Team.

Experience the teaching of world-class masters, broaden your horizons and add new skills.

The first session  第一期:6/13-6/17 (Monday to Friday)9:00 am -11:00 am (PDT)  + 6/13、6/15 4:00pm-5:00pm 2 intensive training classes  (两次课后强化训练课)

The second session 第二期:7/18-7/22(Monday to Friday) 9:00 am -11:00 am (PDT) + 7/18 、7/20 4:00pm-5:00pm 2 intensive training classes 两次课后强化训练课

建议Age:9 years and older,  English Zoom teaching ( 9岁及以上。 英文ZOOM教学)。
课程Price:$468 / Session  

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