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This is a sign up sheet for transportation to the Sunday Services at Harvest Church of Madison. We have two Services: A 9:00AM Service and a 10:45AM Service. To make Transportation more smooth we will be having "Bus Stops" at three locations with a certain amount of allotted time. Please follow the questions and descriptions below.

What Transportation is going to look like:

For 9AM Service: Ser will be driving the Passenger Van.
There will be 3 Bus Stops:
Union South Circle @8:00am (Wait Time: 5 minutes)
Tripp Circle: @8:20am (Wait Time: 5 minutes)
Chadbourne Circle: @8:40am (Wait Time: 5 minutes)

Ser will drop off all the passengers he picked up.

For 10:45AM: Until we find another Passenger Van Driver, I will ask people who are willing to help provide transportation and arrange rides the day before. Drivers will be responsible to pick up/drop off their passengers.

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