Keyboard Feedback
After you install the keyboard and use it for an hour or so, please use this form to provide feedback to help make this app the best Dhivehi keyboard ever.

Your responses are strictly confidential. Thank you!
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In which apps have you used this keyboard?
Note: Some apps handle right-to-left text better than others.
How long did it take you to learn where each letter can be found on the keyboard?
Long time
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For a touch keyboard, which method do you prefer to use for getting extra letters and symbols?
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How useful is the auto-complete feature to you?
A waste of screen space. Better to remove it.
Very useful
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Some Android devices have a keyboard-switching button that becomes available when a keyboard is active, like this:
Does your Android device display a button like this when a keyboard is active?
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Would it be worth adding English letters to this keyboard?
A button to activate the English layer would take some space from the main screen. The English keyboard would be very simple.
No. I can easily switch to an English keyboard when I need it.
Yes. It is a pain not to have English letters accessible in this keyboard.
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What problems have you encountered installing or using this app?
What changes would make this keyboard better?
Overall, how would you rate this app?
Worst Dhivehi keyboard
Best Dhivehi keyboard
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What is the keyboard's worst short-coming at present?
What is the best thing about this keyboard?
What version of the app are you using?
You can see this information in the "About" box in the app.
Please provide any details you know about your device.
Make, model, Android version, etc.
How was your experience on this keyboard's website?
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Any other comments
May we contact you regarding the feedback you've provided? If so, please provide your name and email address here:
We will keep all details confidential, and will not use them for any other purpose.
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