BUILD-A-THON - Community Innovation
We are pleased to inform that Pune City Citizens Association is organizing Build-a-thon 1.0 – Community Innovation as we celebrate 125th years of the festival started by Lokmanya Tilak from Pune which help India get freedom from the atrocities of British. The main objective of the event is to crowd source solutions to some of the pressing issues faced during the Public festival that we celebrate as a part of the cultural of the city of Pune
As we have moved to the modern era the meaning of Independence has changed and hence we need a mass movement like Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav and Shiv Jayanti the one started by Lokmanya Tilak.
Build-a-thon is one such initiative that can help bring Social innovation to the masses. This is a year round sandbox where we commit to a framework of SPOT-PROBE-GROW-DEPLOY. In a year of Innovation teams will spot an idea that is worth solving and research with help of all stake holders to put forward the best innovative solution that can have huge social impact. In the third phase we build the idea with a goal to impact at scale. In the final phase of innovation year we deploy it and test the impact of the solution taking data to iterate on improving the solution on a YOY basis.
The idea is to help build social enterprises that can solve pressing issues of the country, making it a mass movement where students, entrepreneur’s, researchers all can work together to help change the lives of billions of people. This can benefit all the stakeholders where students can learn and help implement the latest technologies that are currently in demand giving them real world experiences. Researchers from around the world can get ideal environment to deploy and gain strong evidences for their researches. While entrepreneur who help fund these social initiatives can use the researches to provide solutions to private industries and gain business

Round 1 screening round: Will invite online entries from the participants

Round 2 Demonstration: Will see participants demonstrate their solutions live in a Build-a-thon after the festivals.

Round 3 Final round: Users will improve the solution to deploy their solutions after a three phase mentorships and scrutiny of those teams that can help improve the solution.

Primarily we are seeking solutions to problems in the following categories that can be spotted as a pressing issue during cultural festivals in Pune like Ganesh Utsav, Palkhi, Shiv Jayanti and many more other occasions where there is people come together at scale :

• Healthcare
• Agriculture
• Sanitation
• Crowd management
• Water
• Education
• Finance
• Energy
• Transportation

The Association is looking for solutions which are innovative, cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, durable, user friendly, environmental friendly and which can be scalable.

In this regard, we would like to request you to share your ideas to participate in Build-a-thon 1.0 if you have any innovative solution to the problem statements. The last date for submission of ideas is 2nd October 2017.

We look forward for an innovative solution from your side and your participation in Build-a-thon 1.0.


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