A study of entrepreneurship, for possible inclusion in the book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later
Hello! I'm conducting research for my 5 year anniversary follow up book on Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

If you are a single, divorced, or widowed man/woman who started a business OR were single, divorced or widowed when you started your business (and now might be married), please consider filling out this survey. I plan to publish the some of the results overall in my next book, and will remove unique identifiers from the survey, if you leave any.

BY COMPLETING THIS SURVEY IN PART OR IN FULL, YOU ARE CONSENTING TO HAVE YOUR DATA PUBLISHED IN A POOLED FASHION, WITHOUT UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS. Any information or data with unique identifiers (attaching direct quotes or data to specific names) will only be published after receiving written permission from the specifically named/quoted individual, or quotes will be scrubbed of any individual's name and possibly used anonymously.

Thanks for your participation, and please pass this along to your other solo entrepreneurial friends!

Erin Albert (www.erinalbert.com).

Your Gender
I am currently a business owner.
Please check all that apply:
Why did you start your business(es)? (Check all that apply)
I have had my own business for:
Check all the contributing factors that make your business a success.
How did you/do you fund your business? Check all that apply:
My business is currently a ____-time endeavor.
If I had to do it over again, I'd definitely start a business.
I think in general women have it _____ than men when starting a business.
I think single women have it easier than single men when starting a business.
I think single women have it easier than married men when starting a business.
What are the advantages single/divorced/widowed women have to starting a business vs. others?
What are the DISadvantages single/divorced/widowed women have when starting a business vs. others?
It has been demonstrated that more single/divorced/widowed women than men in their respective categories start more businesses. Why do you think this is the case?
If you have any other insights on the single/divorced/widowed woman business owner, please comment here:
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