2021 Board of Directors Application
Thank you for your interest in joining For the Kid in All of Us.

Friday, January 22, 2021 at 5PM

VIRTUAL BOARD INTERVIEWS (approximately 30 minutes)
Saturday, January 30, 2021

Invitations for a virtual (zoom) interview will be emailed after we review your application.
Any information submitted is for For the Kid in All of Us, Inc. use only.
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Basic Expectations
A list of board member responsibilities is included at the end of this application. Overall expectations include:

• Serve a three-year term.

• Attend board meetings once each month. Regular day/time for meetings is set in February/March. Additional meetings may occur in June/July and October/November due to flagship FTK events Backpack in the Park (July 2021, tentative) and Toy Party (December 2021, tentative).

• Pay annual dues, minimum of $250.

• Serve on or lead at least one committee, event organizing group, or special project team that will include periodic meetings.

• Setup and attend Backpack in the Park, Toy Party & Silent Auction. Participate year-round in patron/sponsor events, special fundraisers, beneficiary activities, and promotional events. FTK typically hosts one additional event per month (e.g., fundraisers, booths at Atlanta Pride, expos, etc., which may include some heavy lifting as part of setup and breakdown).

• Understand that the only official spokespersons for FTK are the Founder, current President and/or their specific representatives. When acting on behalf of FTK, agree to act in accordance with the bylaws and all board decisions.

• Agree that unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information is prohibited.
Why are you interested in serving on the FTK board?
Have you attended Toy Party, Backpack in the Park, or other FTK events? Please list your previous involvement (as guest, patron, sponsor, volunteer, etc.).
Why would you be an asset to the organization? What resources, interests, and/or abilities can you bring to the board? *
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Are there any factors (such as existing personal obligations or professional commitments during certain times of year) that may preclude you from meeting board expectations? If so, please explain.
Please list all professional/volunteer memberships, offices held, and any other community commitments, responsibilities, or nonprofit work.
All candidates are requested to appear before the board (virtually) for a brief interview. Are you available between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, January 30, 2021? *
References and Additional Information
Please list two references familiar with your previous volunteer work and/or talents that relate to FTK’s mission. NOTE: these should not be current FTK Board Members.
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For the Kid in All of Us Board Member Description
OUR MISSION: Bridging communities to brighten the lives of Georgia’s children in need.

BOARD FUNCTION: To oversee the fiscal and legal responsibilities and reputation of the corporation and to ensure the implementation of the corporation’s mission.

MEMBERSHIP: The board will reflect its constituency’s commitment to diversity and will reflect the professional expertise necessary to ensure exceptional functioning of the organization.

TIME COMMITMENT: Up to approximately 15-20 hours per month; sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the committee(s) on which you serve. During November/December in preparation for Toy Party and in June/July prior to Backpack in the Park, the commitment may range between 10-15 hours per week.

RESPONSIBILITIES: What follows is an abridged outline of some of the responsibilities of a board member.

1. Know, believe, and embrace the mission, purposes, goals, policies, procedures, programs, services, strengths, and needs of For the Kid in All of Us, Inc.

2. Act as an advocate for FTK and encourage others to support us.

3. Serve in leadership positions or accept special assignments willingly and enthusiastically.

4. Follow trends in our field of interest, including child advocacy.

5. Ensure that organizational policies and procedures are followed.

6. Attend scheduled board meetings (generally once a month), committee meetings, and functions of FTK, such as volunteer, donor/sponsor appreciation events and other special events. The 2021 meetings will be scheduled and communicated during the first board meeting of your term. Board Members must commit to attending 75% of the monthly meetings and other special events such as patron and volunteer appreciation parties. It is expected that you be available on the day prior to and following the Toy Party to assist with setting up and loading out of decor and supplies for the party. Some physical labor is required for these activities.

7. Prepare for and participate in board and committee meetings.

8. Ask timely and substantive questions consistent with our mission.

9. Support majority decisions on issues decided by the board.

10. Maintain confidentiality of board’s executive sessions and speak for the organization only when authorized to do so by the Board President and/or Founder. All board members must sign the confidentiality agreement (provided in advance upon request).

11. Suggest agenda items, in advance, for board and committee meetings to ensure that significant policy-related matters are addressed.

12. Avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest that might embarrass the board or the organization, and disclose any possible conflicts to the board in a timely fashion. All board members must sign a conflict of interest statement. A copy can be found on our website (provided in advance upon request).

13. Understand and accept current by-laws. A copy can be found on our website (provided in advance upon request).

13. Maintain independence and objectivity and a sense of fairness, ethics, and personal integrity in all deliberations of the board.

15. Never accept or offer favors or gifts from or to anyone who does business with the organization.

16. Read and understand financial statements and help the board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility.

17. Contribute a minimum of $250 cash per fiscal year, excluding event ticket or merchandise purchases.

18. Assist the Development Committee by implementing fundraising strategies through personal influence with others (individuals, corporations, foundations). Bring in an additional $1,000 in community donations through donors, sponsorships and/or in-kind donations.

To request a copy of the conflict of interest statement, confidentiality agreement, and current by-laws, please email support@forthekid.org.
Acknowledgement *
By submitting this completed form, I authorize For the Kid in All of Us, Inc., Inc. to verify all information contained in this document and any other document or statement I provide in support of this application. I agree, if selected, to abide by all bylaws, policies and procedures, and or any other directives of the Board of Directors of For the Kid in All of Us, Inc. I agree and understand that this is a volunteer position.
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