Free custom personality report generated from your online public profiles in 5 minutes
How do others interpret your personality based on your online *public* presence?

While this page is available, Reputationaire is providing you a custom *free* standard "BIG5" personality report generated from your *publicly available online information* from one (or ideally more to improve accuracy) of:

- Your public LinkedIn profile
- and/or your public Twitter profile
- and/or your public Reddit profile
- and/or your public Stack Overflow profile

The expected time to claim your professional free report is 5 minutes to 12 minutes.

Plus you'll get links to examples of the free reports generated for Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Richard Branson from their public content at the end of the form!

You will be asked to complete:

1) your public usernames/handles (the content of which ARE used ONLY to generate your report)

2) an anonymous short personality test (just three pages - the results of which are NOT used to generate your report instead just used by us to increase the accuracy of our automatic generation of personality reports from public data)

3) provide some brief anonymous demographic information (NOT used in your report just used by us to understand what demographic is interested in instantly generated personality reports from public data)

It may take up to 28 days for your report to be delivered (if you choose to provide your email).

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