PHOTOBOOK <ANOTHER REFLECTION> ~~~PHOTOBOOK - A4 (210*297mm) - 180-200p - All color - Chanyeol of 2015 ~~~DVD - 1 CD or 2CD (double layer) - for PC Overseas gift - AR limited badge 2 ea - Trump card set (54p) gift for all - A2 poster - postcard set - transparent photocard set - fan - sticker ====================================== 2017 CALENDAR <REFLECTION ETERNAL> ~~~Specification - 5 size (182*257mm) - All color - about 32p - Vertical desk calendar Overseas gift - Mini stand banner gift for all - B3 poster - brochure - postcard set - brochure - Electronic wave block sticker

    [ SCHEDULE ]

    PHOTOBOOK < ANOTHER REFLECTION > DEADLINE OF ORDERS:11.29.16 DEADLINE OF PAYMENTS: 12.1.16 FANSITE SHIPPING SCHED: 1.17 2017 CALENDAR < REFLECTION ETERNAL > DEADLINE OF ORDERS:10.25.16 DEADLINE OF PAYMENTS: 10.26.16 FANSITE SHIPPING SCHED: 12.16 PHOTOBOOK + SEASONS GREETINGS SET (1) If you order PB+SEASONS GREETINGS set, you can get Jan 2017. (2) If you want shipping calendar first, pls indicate it on the form


    • OVERALL PRICE: PB-2550 CALENDAR-1300 ※I NEED ATLEAST 3 ORDERS ※ price includes ALL posible fees (i will not use ems for this so this will be included on my batches) ※ price DOES NOT include local shipping to your doorstep SHIPPING FEE TO YOUR DOORSTEP~ MM:80 PROV:190 ===============================

    ********DO NOT ORDER IF YOU WILL NOT READ THIS PART !!!!!!!********

    FANSITE GOODS TERMS AND CONDITION (UPDATED AS OF MAY 2, 2016) *******************DO NOT ORDER IF YOU WILL NOT READ THIS PART !!!!!!! *********************** 1. DO NOT FILL OUT THIS GROUP ORDER FORM UNLESS YOU ARE 100% COMMITTED TO JOINING THE ORDER AND PAYING ON TIME AND MOST OF ALL PATIENT TO WAIT. DROPOUTS MAY RESULT IN BEING BANNED FROM FUTURE ORDERS. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS AFTER PAYMENT. 2. Any payments not received by the deadline will be canceled and you will be banned from future group orders. 3. We are not responsible for any damages caused by the shipping from Korea/China to PHILIPPINES. If there are any damages to the order, we will let you know. 4. UPON JOINING THIS GROUP ORDER , YOU MUST BE AWARE THAT THE GROUP LEADER WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE IF THE FANSITE WILL HAVE DELAYS OR DOES NOT DELIVER THEGOODS. It is the fansite's responsibility to deliver the goods.. 5.I WILL NOT REFUND UNLESS THE FANSITE REFUND THE WHOLE PAYMENT/ ORDERS. 5. Kindly refrain from spamming me emails/tweets about when the goods will arrive. Everything DEPENDS on the fansite AND ALSO WHEN I SAID THAT THE GO WILL NOT USE EMS AND ONLY NORMALETA. Please be patient especially when it comes to fansite goods. PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR FANSITE PREORDERS - PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ UPDATES POSTED ON MY TWITTER TIMELINE ~ ================================================================================= ***************PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE******************* CONTACT INFO: FACEBOOK PAGE: SHOP TWITTER ACCOUNT: FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: ASK FM:
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