Submitting Your Sound-Selfie To "The Work Of The Empath" Podcast
NOTE: A sound-selfie is just a recorded monologue.

Thanks so much for your interest in being a Featured Voice! This form streamlines the submission process, and makes things easier for me, a production-team-of-one :-) Following are details/instructions to submit:

The CONTENT of your Sound-Selfie is an emotive story, or song, or insight that could help advance empathic leadership/living. You could answer the question, "What IS the work of the empath?" Or passionately share the impact of empathy in your life, art, practice, and relationships. Be as raw as you like in your sharing but, ultimately, the intent is to promote (and define for yourself) empathic leadership.

* So basically, tap in (to yourself), and speak up! Press record.
* INCLUDE A CALL-TO-ACTION if you have a business, cause or event you are promoting :-)
* Export as an MP3 file.
* Email the Sound-Selfie -- PLUS A PICTURE OF YOU to serve as your episode's artwork -- as attachments to:
* Minimum 10 minutes, maximum 30 minutes.

Thank you for speaking a more beautiful world! 💜

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