2021-22 Locker Contract
All students will be assigned a locker and a padlock, and must complete a locker contract in order to be issued a locker.
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Student Last Name *
Student First Name *
Student ID Number *
Graduating Class *
Student ID Number *
I agree to only use the locker that I am assigned. I will not trade lockers. (type name below) *
I will only use the lock assigned to my locker. I will not use personal locks or trade locks with other people. (type name below) *
I will not store food in my locker overnight. (type name below) *
I will not share my lock combination with anyone. I understand that I am responsible for what is in my locker. (type name below) *
I understand that my locker is the property of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, and may be subject to search at any time. *
I understand my lock is the property of Northgate High School, and I will be charged $10 if I damage or lose the lock. *
I understand that my locker must be cleaned out at the end of each year and that if I fail to clean out my locker by the end of the school year, I will be subject to a $10 fine. *
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