Anime Oasis JUN!! Artist Alley Application
Submitting this form is the only way to apply for the Anime Oasis JUN!! artist alley.
Tables will be $70/each for 8'x30". Convention admission is also required for anyone in the artist alley including artists and assistants (it is not included with table purchase)
Artist who are accepted (as announced on Dec 8th at 12pm) will have 3 weeks to pay for their table(s), submit a 100 pixel x 500 pixel image, and submit a 15-40 word description of their table. Artist who fail to do so will be passed up for another artist.
Name of Artist/Studio as to be listed online and in printed materials *
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Name of contact person for this application *
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Email to be used for this application and correspondence leading upto the convention *
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Was this artist present in Artist Alley at Anime Oasis Dynamite in 2019 *
If "yes", name as listed for Anime Oasis Dynamite, if different that this application.
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Please provide a link to his artist's work for review. If this artist does not have a site for viewing, an email with samples of their work can be emailed to: (with the subject "[artist name] application samples") *
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Please explain why you feel you would be a good fit for the Anime Oasis JUN!! artist alley. *
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