Cabin Group Form
This sheet is designed to help you assign your students cabin groups prior to your arrival. Our school enforces a 1 to 14 student to adult ratio, however, the average cabin size should be 9 to 11 students. In rare cases, you may be asked to adjust your cabin numbers. A copy of this form will be sent to your email automatically for your records. If you need to make revisions, simply re-submit this form as many times as needed, and we will use the most recently submitted version.

Trail groups participate in activities together all week, and they are typically made up of one girl cabin and one boy cabin. In some cases there may be an odd number of cabins, which means there needs to be three cabins that make up one trail group. Please limit cabin sizes to 9 to 11 students unless special arrangements have been made. Cabin groups must contain students of the same gender, and each group is assigned a Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School Cabin Leader of the same gender. For the cabins below, first select the gender followed by a list of 9 to 11 student names.

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Will you have an even number of cabin groups?
If no, please put the odd cabin at the end of your list, and tell us which Trail Group that cabin will join during activities. Feel free to list any additional cabin considerations here as well. Thank you
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