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We are no longer accepting volunteer applications but we still need your help to stop seafood fraud!

Call on the Canadian government to make stopping seafood fraud a priority: https://act.oceana.org/page/13974/petition/1

Sign up to be a Wavemaker to get the latest updates and ways you can get involved: https://bit.ly/2gyRoBi

With the support of people like you, we can stop seafood fraud in Canada.

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How often do you eat seafood? *
This summer, Oceana Canada tested seafood sold in Ottawa. We found that nearly half of the samples were mislabelled. Do you think you’ve ever been the victim of seafood fraud *
If you found out you had been misled about the seafood you were sold, what would you react most strongly to? *
Please rank the following, with 1 causing the strongest reaction and 5 causing the least reaction.
1 - Strongest Reaction
5 - Least Reaction
Paying more money for a mislabelled fish than it was
Eating a mislabelled fish that could have negative health consequences.
Eating a fish that was illegally caught, possibly involving human rights abuses
Eating a fish you thought was sustainable that was actually an overfished and endangered species.
Eating a farmed fish that you thought was wild
Why are you interested in being a seafood sleuth? *
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Do you understand that although Oceana Canada has covered the cost of the DNA testing kits, we are unable to cover the cost of the seafood you purchase for the samples? (Only a tiny portion is needed for the sample, so you can still enjoy your purchase!) *
What type of locations are you most interested in testing? *
Seafood sleuths will be asked to collect two samples, so you have the option of testing one or two locations.
14. What type of seafood are you most interested in testing? *
Select all that apply, keeping in mind that seafood sleuths will be asked to collect two samples.
Have you ever asked the person serving you at a store or restaurant for more information about a seafood product? Are you willing to do so for this investigation? *
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Do you have access to phone or camera to take pictures of the menu and/or seafood product? *
Anyone can be a victim of seafood fraud, including restaurants and grocery stores. For this reason, we ask you not to publicize or share the location where you purchase your seafood sample if it turns out to be mislabelled. Do you agree to keep that information confidential and only share with Oceana Canada? *
How did you find out about this project? *
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